Our Crazy Theory about How to Grow Women’s Sport

The very process of measurement – of taking benchmarks, setting goals and tracking accomplishments – creates significant benefits. Tracking can not only reveal and amplify, but sometimes even cause, results. Why does it work this way? Measurement and tracking cause us to pay more attention. They allow us to draw lines in the sand; to […]

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Why Measure Things?: How to Build Success into Your Programming

Note: Our posts can sometimes be a bit long and flowery, filled with stories and musings. In a hurry? The main points are bolded in three single sentences. That will give you all you need to know and you can come back for a leisurely read later. Sincerely,-The Management I once sat in the office […]

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Sport After COVID-19: Propelling Change in the Sporting Industry

In an unprecedented worldwide time-out, the sports industry has come grinding to a halt and faces existential questions querying its nature, trajectory and purpose. This reset could afford an opportunity for the sporting world to emerge stronger, better, or perhaps even fundamentally different than it has ever manifested in history. This potential hangs heavily over […]

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