Testing the Mics

Welcome to Shortbread Ventures. Shortbread is about change and getting to see it happen in front of our eyes. We’re all working towards things and want to see ourselves get there. Making that easier is our mission. We’re excited about the projects taking shape around here. In fact, we’re so excited we decided to include with this post a nice stock image of a sunrise.

We will be sharing more details about our endeavors soon. For now, keep an eye on and its social media profiles which are linked from this site.

Our mission in life is to make it easier to see the change you’re creating. From education to health care to fitness, if we can help you visualise, prove and enhance the outcomes you’re creating in the world, we all win. Drop us a line to hear more or chat about how we can apply progress-tagging and change evidencing to your work.

Speak soon,

Shortbread Ventures team

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