Workshops and Trainings

Data has never been more important. You need it to keep clients, get funding, report to federations, increase membership, and more. But it’s hard to manage, collect, and utilise. Does your sport club or organisation need help creating or implementing a measurement and evaluation strategy? That’s where we come in.

Our team is made up of founders and experts from multiple organisations and fields. We work with your organisation to deliver compelling, effective training sessions in a range of formats, lengths, and types to make sure you leave with a clear roadmap to making data collection as easy as possible. We specialise in the following aims:

  1. Using data to move your club towards financial feasibility and sustainability
  2. Educating current and potential members or participants about the value your organisation can offer them
  3. Tracking and measuring your impact and outcomes and applying the data you collect to move your organisation forward
  4. Increasing recruitment and retention of both members and volunteers
  5. Improving organisational management and strategy – how to develop strong management practice, align vision and streamline decision-making

To find out more and share your needs so we can discuss how best to deliver the training or event that will move you forward, reach out here: